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Your client-agency relationship is critical to your business success.


Your agency relationships are the most important strategic alliances you have. Not only for implementing your marketing communications, but also as a unique resource for introducing new, innovative thinking that can only come from a creative enterprise.

So it's critical to select the right set of agencies (and you most likely have . . . or need . . . more than one given the increasingly expanding media world).

And it's equally critical to keep your current agencies motivated and performing at their peak. Any relationship needs to be re-staged from time to time and the client-agency relationship is no exception.

Robb High Associates specializes in creating and optimizing client-agency relationships. RHA has worked with clients and agencies of all sizes, across all disciplines and in most geographic regions by managing reviews, setting up inter-agency collaboration systems, improving agency performance and analyzing and negotiating compensation.

Most importantly, RHA has the broadest knowledge of agencies in the US as a result of meeting and investigating over 350 agencies a year, including all of the new/alternative agencies that are expanding rapidly.